I’m not sure what’s worse, being compared to Solange whenever I stroll around with my natural afro, or being called Beyonce because I will nonchalantly wear a 24 inch weave the next day like my hair grew overnight. Why is my overall image being tied down to how I wear my hair? Why am I forced to define myself by how you choose to interpret my hairstyles? I would be lying if I said… View Post

*Cues Drake* The good ones go when you take too long. This is true both personally and professionally. So where do you find the balance between romantic love and love of profession when both have yet to be established? I have been passionate about this topic for a long, long time. For me, the ideal situation has always been falling in love with my other half at the same time… View Post

When I say yes men I don’t mean if I say jump you say how high. I mean when I say I can jump from here to the moon, they say they believe I can too. You see, there’s something valuable about the people who have always understood your potential for greatness and have never allowed both your and their own self doubt to stand in the way of achieving… View Post

I am a writer. I am a creative. I have vision. Those words don’t come off as easily as they should for me. Although I have always enjoyed putting my pen to paper and combing through my thoughts, referring to myself as such made me feel uneasy. Sometimes it still does. For me, writing is like hearing the sound of your voice outside of your own head. How you sound… View Post

I struggled for years, literally, on what I would use this blog as a platform for. Blogging has become fairly passé with time, and I knew I couldn’t hold my own interest, nonetheless that of a readership if I wasn’t dealing with things that truly interest me. Like with most things, when I first bought this domain in 2013 I texted my mom and told her. As always her response… View Post