All My Friends Are Yes Men And Yours Should Be Too.

When I say yes men I don’t mean if I say jump you say how high. I mean when I say I can jump from here to the moon, they say they believe I can too.

You see, there’s something valuable about the people who have always understood your potential for greatness and have never allowed both your and their own self doubt to stand in the way of achieving your dreams. After all, dreams are just the culmination of powerful thoughts with action and determination put behind them.

When I connect with my greatest friends, I allow the spirit of my destiny to connect to the power of their faith in me. The harmony between our energies usually leaves me feeling capable of doing exactly what I set my mind to do. Who doesn’t want that? Who doesn’t need that? We all deserve a few cheerleaders in life, and if your home team doesn’t have cheerleaders it is time to acquire some.

When I look at some of my idols, and even celebrity figures, I know most people don’t understand how they could possibly have landed in their particular situations. Me, personally, understand quite well. Take for example Kanye West. When you as a friend sat and watched the determination of a man who made (and I quote) five beats a day for three summers become one of the most influential artists of his time, why the hell wouldn’t you believe he could do something nonsensical like marry Kim Kardashian?! Did I digress, or was that a bad example? Okay, take President Obama. If you have seen your dear friend Barry go from a hippie, to student, scholar, and then senator, what exactly would keep you from believing him into the presidency? People of that stature are not surrounded by doubters. There is only room for those who believe in the dream. In other terms, get with it or get LOST.

These days, I relish the time I can spend with the yes men I have collected through life. Not only do I enjoy hearing their valued opinions on my circumstances, I know they value mine just as well. We don’t bullshit each other. We really believe. Maybe that’s the true difference between supporters and yes men. Yes Men ignore all doubts and refuse to check the odds. Smart money’s on us, F*CK what the dummies think.



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