When you feel capable of doing anything, where do you start?

Hey, i’m Rachel, and that question landed me in the middle of New York City almost six years ago. After receiving my bachelors degree, landing my first (and second) real job and relocating to Brooklyn I’m still trying to get a hold of the whole “starting” thing. Hitting the pavement, making that first real move toward my dreams and learning to balance my love for life with my need to thrive weigh heavy with me every day. Will Sallie Mae still get her slice of my pie if I take that trip to Jamaica? What is the proper ratio of boozy brunches to Monday meetings? How short can my dress be without being slut shamed? Am I too old to still curse like a sailor and be considered a lady? Let’s figure it out together.

Take it from me, there’s more than one answer to life’s daily questions. That fun, distinguishing quality we all inhibit shines through your interpretations.  Enjoy my daily attempt to get in proper harmony with life on a daily basis while offering you solutions and keeping up your own balancing act. Who says I don’t got the answers, Sway?